Green Policy

Delivering parcels is going to involve vehicles; you can’t avoid that. But Clockwork is ahead of the game in trying to reduce its emissions while not cutting back on efficiency.

New vehicles
We renew all our vehicles when they are three years old, so they are modern and reliable with the most efficient engines For those who want the technical jargon, all our vehicles operate with European Stage IV engines, which offer a 50% reduction in Nitrogen Oxides and 40% reduction in particulates over Stage III engines.

Electric vans
We’re at the forefront of technology with our electric vans. No gas emissions and no sound either – these vehicles are ideal for our clients who use a contracted van for distances of 50 miles or less.

Ticking on
We’ve bought new bins and installed new bulbs and are soldiering on towards attaining ISO 14000/1/2, the international environmental standard. It means reducing all our emissions and will take a while, but we’re making good progress towards it.

Pedal power
Our super fit couriers ride pushbikes throughout central London… not only is it good for their thighs, but it’s without doubt the greenest way to deliver your packages and the quickest in our crowded capital. Watch this space for some exciting bike developments too!

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